Christian Alternative Rock


What is Alternative Rock?

Alternative Rock, is a musical style what is not driven by the urge for commercial success, musicians just play and sing, what they think sounds best. They don't play the kind of music, the majority of the public likes. Ok, sometimes an alternative rock band reaches commercial succes, but that is most of the time rather a coincidence than planned purpose.

What is Christian Alternative Rock?

This style consists of Christian lyrics musically expressed in an Alternative Rock sound. The lyrics of most secular alternative rock bands are not very joyful and sometimes even depressing. In contrary Christian Alternative rock bands express in their lyrics implicit or explicit a hope for everyone, who believes in the testimony of Jesus Christ, by his life, death and resurrection.

Why this site?

In the 80's and the 90's a lot of people started to play Christian Alternative Rock, formed bands and released records, for example: Most of the bands I mentioned in the list don't perform anymore. I didn't find any new Alternative Rock bands, which I liked, who started recently. It's a pity this musical genre, will extinct, fortunately I received some inspiration and strength to set up this site. I hope this site will inspire young people or older people to play Christian Alternative Rock as well. If you got the will to testify what Jesus Christ, did for you in your life, you will find time, by endurance, you get skills and after skills, you get results.

Finding sheet music

Musicians who want to play a cover of the song "Big House"from Audio Adrenaline, will find on some websites information about the guitar chords and if their lucky some tabs for the bass. They won't find information about the: keyboard parts and the drum parts. There is also no info about the settings of the keyboard and drumpad. This site tries to provide; musical notation for all instruments played in the song. So that beginning or intermediate musicians know exactly what to do.

Personal information

I am Johan, I am 44 years young, and I live in Holland. I had a small business in software for many years, because of the crises, there was no demand for my products anymore. For many years, I was theoretically a Christian, I did not reject the lessons of Jesus, but practically I did not much:

Many years ago I came to believe by visiting a Pentecostal/Charismatic church, so I knew what the Power of Jesus could do in my life. After 4 months I find out that the dogma's of the Charismatic church where not according to my personal belief and my education as a child by my grandmother, who was from a different church group. I will make clear, that I won't reject Pentecostal/charismatic churches on each points, I did learn a lot what the healing power of Jesus could do for me and every human being who will accept him, as savior and Lord. For me I could not go any further after 4 months, but for some other people it may be good to stay longer. There are a lot of churches, search one, which suits best, to your personal Christian conviction. After I left the Pentecostal/charismatic church, I visited some other churches, but couldn't find one, which was according my knowledge of "the Bible". So I said to myself, I won't go to a church anymore, but I will behave like a Christian: